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Halong Bay & Cat Ba Island

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Coming back to Hanoi from Sapa we felt like not entering the capital again. Having arrived at five-ish in the morning, we were lucky to find a bus to Halong City going at five thirty. After four long hours we were there (we already had spent ten hours coming from Sapa). In the beginning I was very negative on going to Halong Bay through Halong City. I thought it would be better doing it from Haiphong but at the end the tourist traffic in Halong City was not too bad. We immediately took a tour boat to Cat Ba as the only way to go to Cat Ba the same day AND see a bit of Halong Bay. The tour was beautiful. We were lucky with the weather and we arrived at Cat Ba, lying down on the sundeck drinking beer.

The classic Halong Bay

The classic Halong Bay

Cat Ba island is part of the National Park of the area in Halong Bay, thus under some protection by the government. So it served as both a place to relax (yes it had a very nice beach called erm… 2) and also for trekking purposes. Most of the days passed easily and happily and well… lazily. See it was the last stop to this beautiful country. The trek how the only exciting part. Usually people do it by entering the park and ending on the point of no return or returning from the end to Cat Ba town by boat. We found out that it would be cheaper and easier if we took our time. We took the boat to the “end” of the track were after walking a good 6km we were in a beautiful village in the middle of nothing. There we stayed one day at a home stay and off we went the next day. We tried to find the path ourselves in the beginning but finally we had to pay for a guide. A beautiful place altogether and a great base for exploring the Halong Bay area. Recommended to everyone.

Then it was back to Hanoi and from there a flight to Bangkok. Noemi was to fly back to Spain and another friend from Greece was to join me for a bit less than three weeks. Lucky me!


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September 29, 2009 at 11:45 AM

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