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Flying from Singapore to Bangkok I would have to wait for about 12 hours at the Changi airport. I booked my Bangkok flight to be the next day so I coincide with the arrival of a friend from Spain in the same city but as well so I can experience what everybody is saying about Changi; the best airport in the world to pass a night if you have to.

It is so true as well… Where do I start? Free Internet, 24-hour super market, 24-hour food gallery and so much more in a specific transit part of the airport. There is even a transit hotel with its budget option – a bed with a room and shared toilets / bathroom – at about 20 Euro. Feel like home, if you have the money that is – if you find yourself without money well… you are the odd one out.

I was lucky to have had some RM from Malaysia and exchanging them for Singapore Dollars I payed for my overnight stay in the airport (food, drinks & bed). I do recommend Changi airport when you travel in Southeast Asia and you want to stay overnight between flights. The prices are expensive and the security can be tight so have your ticket printed out as the police might ask you – to be honest they are not too bad.

Around 04:00 I woke up checked out and went for my backpack. Went outside customs and straight back in again. The customs lady was laughing… Checked in for the flight to Bangkok, flew there and here I am, in the Baan Dinso Hotel for two nights, a bit southern than the dreaded Kao Sahn. Remember where Leonardo Di Caprio sleeps the first night in the movie “The Beach”? That’s where Kao Sahn Road is. Anyway I hope not to have his luck which reminds me that I have to read the book too… they tell me it is ages away from the movie (makes sense as well).

Write to you soon!


Written by csm2mk

June 6, 2009 at 5:40 AM

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