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Well, well, well… Singapore – or else the “city of lions”. Four days I think are enough for anybody to decide if they like it or not. But then maybe it is not such an easy decision. The truth be told, it is one of the only cities or countries  not touched by the recession or crisis or whatever you want to call it – which is a positive if you are looking for a job. Also is safe, clean and well… over-controlled.

Block of flats in Singapore

Block of flats in Singapore

Here I met Amit, an ex-colleague of mine from Autodesk and so my first night was to become the only night in the city full of Tiger beer and insights on its night life (I hadn’t had a beer in the last two weeks before this). I had met him before in Switzerland and we pretty much did the same thing back then. To me the visit was helpful in that it made me adopt a more positive side of what I though of Singapore – I did not have the best image for it by the way…

The two favorite pastimes of the Singaporeans are shopping and eating. The shopping part can be easily explained. The whole country is a big shopping mall! The further I was getting into the malls the dizzier I was getting out of them. And then the streets – with traffic but clean as I have never seen in a big city! Eating obviously is good because of so many cultures having to live on each others’ diets. The people seem to be overworked and underpaid (but that’s only me seeing what I saw in 4 days so apologies if it’s not the case) and obviously retail therapy is the only therapy. The only other similar capitalistic city I have seen so far is Shanghai…

All in all, I do not think I would like to go back to Singapore for just visiting. I do not rule out that given the need I could go there in search for a job – a big city is always a big city with all its bads and goods.


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May 21, 2009 at 4:48 AM

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