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Here in Singapore is amazing what you can read in two days after having walked so much! My body was tired but my mind was clear. I found two books in the hostels’ shelf and I devoured them.

Amitabha Buddhist Centre

Amitabha Buddhist Centre

The first one is “Essence of Tibetan Buddhism” by Lama Thubten Yeshe. Actually it is a free publication of the Amitabha Buddhist Centre here in Singapore and an easy read – especially if you are in the horizontal position.

Onze Minutos by Paulo Coelho

Onze Minutos by Paulo Coelho

The second one is “11 Minutes” by Paulo Coelho. It took me four hours to finish. I never thought I would read a Coelho novel that fast. Maria, from the interior of Brasil, goes to seek her fortune in Switzerland, only to find that reality is harsher than she expected and she ends up working in a brothel on Rue De Berne, the heart of Geneva”s red-light district. The book deals with issues surrounding sex and sexuality, such as prostitution, sacred sex, and like sex alot in the context of love. Because of its graphic descriptions, the novel has been described as “erotic”. – Wikipedia. I have never read a Coelho novel before but I know understand why he sells a lot. It’s not that his writing is complicated but makes people dream I guess. Try it if you have not but do not expect anything mind-blowing – just a very good read 😉


Written by csm2mk

May 14, 2009 at 4:45 AM

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