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I never expected that Indonesia would be so captivating. Looking at the map and reading about it, I knew that in my 30 days the visa was allowing me to spend I had to choose between its islands. So I chose Bali and Java but the choice was not an easy one. Bali sounded too touristy, its south beaches being crowded with week enders from Australia and other places. Java had too many big cities and seemed like the industry centre of Indonesia. In the beginning, Sulawesi, Sumatra and Lombok or the Gili Islands were the first candidates but the problem of moving from one of those places to the other would have taken up some time. I reckon that finally I chose well and the two islands were the best introduction to Indonesia and thus to Southeast Asia. This does not mean I do not want to go back to the rest of them – I hope one day I do.

Indonesia Map

Indonesia Map

Choosing a low season and my destinations carefully I was able to avoid crowds of Westerners. To be more precise since Kuta I only met more than 2-3 Westerners at a time in Yogyakarta – which is pretty good for the distance. I guess it is like the Ramblas in Barcelona, everybody follows one road but many are afraid to turn down the corner, which works perfect for the rest of us wanting to do so.

Bali and Java, Java and Bali… its people and the nature, the people I have met travelling will definitely make it an experience to remember… but as it happens 30 days are just enough to get the country under your skin and then you have to go… the curse of the traveller, the visa dilemma. In any case, with Indonesia I had my first Zen travelling experience (I think). There was no good that was good enough and there was no bad that was bad enough. So easygoing… and even the hustles and the price bargaining are completely understandable – I much prefer a society that you can talk your way into and out of places and situations to this cold-blood credit card system we Westerners have. The simple pleasures of life are still alive there. Next time you say you are bored because “there is nothing to do” just think again. Is doing nothing really a waste of time?

Terima Kasih Indonesia!


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May 13, 2009 at 6:05 PM

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