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Uluru shadows

Uluru shadows

Where to begin with Australia… So many things I loved about it and so many things I have my reservations for; always accepting the fact that I only spent a bit more than two months in the country… My reason for visiting from the beginning was my good friend Timmy that we had studied together in England. I would see him after many years. While at it of course I wanted to see as much as possible – as much more things Australian possible to be exact.

The East Coast of Australia had its ups and downs for me expectation-wise. It sometimes reminded me the Costa Brava of Spain. Places like Surfers’ Paradise or Gold Coast should really be avoided by independent travellers. The cost of moving around Australia is big enough as it is… but even if that was not the case, I guess there is nothing Australian about it – except the Australian dollars made waterproof for the surfing community đŸ˜‰ Byron Bay is a special place but all the community around it state the same; it is changing. Cairns… well I guess the diving of the Great Barrier Reef just about saves it.

Melbourne has a special place in my heart, for it could be a city I would move in to live and work. Its people are just amazing but like all cultural and multiracial centers of other countries (Barcelona, Berlin, Cape Town etc.) it does not represent the country on its whole.

Arriving in Adelaide and beginning the journey through the outback, I felt I was seeing something authentic and ancient. The walk by the Uluru rock was a lifetime experience. Thanks to our guide we got where no other people were. Everybody is starting from the sunrise point, we did not. Words cannot describe the feeling – something really mystical. Arriving in Darwin I was both trying to grasp whatever meaning Australia had for me and both plan the journey to Southeast Asia.

All and all, Australia is a great place and the visitor can see everywhere the huge gap that’s created when you put a new man on an old land. The aborigines are a great examples of how the so called “integration” is a white man’s polite way of saying “be like us”. But they can never be in my opinion. Not when this white man lives under so many rules and laws and considers correct to be babysat by his government. I wondered so many times; why can’t Australia do without British or American influences? I guess it is a mark that the John Howard administration left. They have the land, they have the sources and Australia can be a country of its own if its people wanted it. All and all I thank them for their hospitality and I wish I sometime could go back and live more of its wilderness and natural beauty – which is a difficult beauty to catch by tourist-brochure standards but when you catch it it follows you forever…


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April 14, 2009 at 3:18 AM

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