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First I need to apologise that I have not updated the blog all this time. But it is a bit difficult when you are in the desert (Outback), having a good time (Melbourne) or diving (Cairns). I hope you do not mind. I will though!!!

After finishing the book by Paul Theroux, I did not read for a while. I thought I might as well find more of his books as he is considered to be one the best travel authors of out period. But of course on a trip nothing goes as planned luckily and then in a hostel I cannot recall now (the bads of not updating the journal ;)) I found “To Ayer’s Rock and Beyond” by Bill Harney.

To Ayer's Rock and Beyond

To Ayer's Rock and Beyond

Bill Harney was the first Ranger of the Uluru National Park i.e. he was appointed Ranger there when the area around Ayer’s Rock was declared a National Park. Now I did not know but it is said to be illegal in Australia (at least a tour guide in the Outback told me). The reason for the latter is that it reveals secrets of the Aborigines that are not supposed to be public knowledge. Of course I did not find this claim anywhere else so I read it. What a captivating account of the Uluru tradition and the whole valley around it! I finished it one day before we reached Uluru and my visit was obviously affected by it. It is hard to find as it seems and I consider myself lucky to just find it there.

For more information about Bill Harney and his work: &


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