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After leaving Africa I felt the need to post “Africa, My” seeing the continent as one country – as I believe it should be. Now I feel the same about New Zealand, the youngest country in the world that has amazed me and made me to want to go back. The psyche of the people combined with the nature of the island provides a very interesting mix for the visitor indeed.

My first experience with a Kiwi was my ex-manager. When I was working in Barcelona, he was based in Switzerland and I had to travel every month or two to see him and the team. I do not want to generalise here but definitely some attributes he had, I found in NZ’s people visiting his country later on. Starting maybe from the typical Kiwi – Ozzie dispute, it is probably just like any other dispute of this kind. The small place is blaming or taking the piss out of the big place but it does not necessarily happens when the other way round. I have not been around Australia very much so I will stop the comparisons of the two countries right here.

Another Kiwi attribute would definetely be problem-solving. They all just seem to have a flare about it. Whether hitch-hiking in the middle of nowhere or asking for directions and how-to questions a Kiwi will almost always find a way to help, even if it means getting out of his way. Their love for nature is of course innate but in a way that the Kiwi does not try to control it or fence it – how could he anyway. I was surprised for example that in one of the great walks we did, we had free access to caves and caverns – some very sensitive formations for just anybody to walk in. Also, somethng very important to me for wherever I go… the Kiwi is not a loud nationalist or patriot. This by no means implies that a Kiwi is not proud to be a Kiwi. He is… he just doesn’t have to make  a fuss about it. There is of course the question of a Kiwi identity and how it is represented across the world. But I reckon only people that make money out of this “representing” business, truly care about it.

The youth seems to be embracing the latest U.S fashions; racer boys, modified cars and fancy hip hop clothing is all around, in general though there is a picture of health and well being. The latter is probably because of the fact that the average Kiwi will love sports and especially the national pride; the rugby the All Blacks taught the world. Loving sports in this case means also practising them (something which is not the case in Greece for example) and there are thousands of venues or simply parks and places to do just this.

All in all, the saying “open space, open minds, open people” is truth in the case of New Zealand. Its size helps a lot the independent traveler and the sights to see are just one of the best in the world. For trekking I could have easily spent five more months – and this is only the south island. I definetely recomend it to anybody that loves the outdoors and the sense that you can really control your trip due to the fact that it is still a bit cheaper than Europe. I will never forget this blessed place and even though I have not touched on the Maori coulture as much as I wanted, well… maybe this will be the aim for my next visit.

Aoraki National Park

Aoraki National Park


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February 26, 2009 at 2:13 PM

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  1. Man, I had a look at your new pics. Amazing!! I’m both happy for you and envious. No, I’m more envioussssssssss!! 😛


    February 27, 2009 at 8:30 PM

  2. It took me ages to finish the ones from New Zealand man… But I am happy that did so 😉 Now I can see them and remember the good times! 😉


    February 28, 2009 at 1:39 AM

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