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The Heaphy Track

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Ready for my second Great Walk and after a very rainy day in Karamea we consult the DOC office (Department Of Conservation) before we start. They say it is all good to go! Stefania is not equipped at all for the walk but it should be OK. The problem here is that the track is not circular like the Kepler but one way, so we send the things we do not want to carry by post to the next city; Takaka.

After doing the Kepler, this one seems easy enough even if it is longer (80 kms) and also a four day track. The first day is the most spectacular one as we follow the Tasman beach and the weather is brilliant for it. On the third day in the hut, Nils appears. He has decided to do the track too but in one day less! I am happy to see him and we all complete the track together. He has left his car on the end of the track and he’ll now take it to go back to Westport to pick up Tinka (that has moved from Karamea in the meanwhile). I know… complicated! In any case we’ll meet again in Takaka.

The Heaphy river

The Heaphy river from the Heaphy Track


Written by csm2mk

February 22, 2009 at 1:26 AM

5 Responses

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  1. One point my friend – as one who fought for over 20 years to keep the Track don’t fall victim to the “logic” of circular routes! One of the biggest problems we had in trying to retain the Track was that roading proponents “played up’ the fact that it was more logical to have a road so instead of walking in circles you can drive in circles!!!

    Had it never occurred to you to walk half the Track then return to your car and tackle the Track from the other end in the same fashion? Too many want to walk in a fashion that they have “done” and “seen”, etc the walk and as one who has walked the Heaphy a bit why not take a bit more time about it and not treat these walks as just another notch on the belt?

    Sadly we walk into the trap of allowing roading proponents to show that we nature lovers would be far better off with a road. I heard all those arguments over the 20 years I fought the issue so don’t add fuel to the fire my friend.


    May 28, 2009 at 11:56 AM

  2. Thanks for the good point Bob!!!
    I really appreciate your opinion and I apologize if you saw signs of regrets in my post. I assure you there are none! Maybe the way I put it was not the appropriate and I want you to know that I fully support your opinions about circular VS one-way tracks. The only problem – and I am sure you will see where I am coming from – is that I have never had a car in my life and while in NZ I hitchedhiked for a month with a 12 kilo backpack. That’s all! So I tried to make play my difficulties… Had I more time I assure you I would do all the Great Walks TWICE! I just loved it and be sure – it was not JUST another walk under my belt (I haven’t done that many anyway).
    Thank you so much for your input – I would love to have your contact details for more discussion on the matter.


    May 29, 2009 at 9:16 PM

  3. loved the way you said it, keep it coming! קידום אתרים


    December 5, 2010 at 8:13 PM

  4. I’ve been reading your blog once in a while and decided to reply for the first time, thank you for writing all of this.
    love it!
    קידום אתרים


    December 6, 2010 at 12:29 AM

  5. Thanks a lot Josh.
    I saw many Israelis doing the walks.
    Glad you like the site 😉
    Keep it coming! ;PPP


    December 7, 2010 at 8:20 AM

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