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The Kepler Track

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I am obviously very excited before I began the Kepler Track. It would be my first four-day hike as well as one of the great walks of NZ. The track is 60km long and a circular one.

In Te Anau we had to wait for an extra day as a hut was booked out but it was worth every minute of the wait. In my first true touch with Kiwi nature the first two days were the highlight. Amazing views and difficult uphills along with the satisfaction of reaching the mountain peak revealed lakes such as the ones in… OK I’ll say it; Lord of the Rings! The feeling was great but the photos not so much. They obviously came in a second place đŸ˜‰

There in one of the uphills Alex and I meet Birgit (Austria) and Astrid (Germany) who will remain with us for the next few days. The last day of the track I’ll do it by myself and Alex will pick me up at the end of it. Completing the track we celebrate Alex’s birthday in Te Anau over a nice dinner and some beers.

Luxmore Hut and Lake Te Anau from the Kepler Track (by Nigel Wilson)

Luxmore Hut and Lake Te Anau (by Nigel Wilson)


Written by csm2mk

February 21, 2009 at 11:15 PM

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