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I just finished the “Small Crimes in age of Abundance” by Matthew Kneale.

He is the author of “English Passengers”, the novel about a captain’s voyage looking for the Garden of Eden. The book at hand is less popular but not less pleasing. To start with it is not the kind of book that will change your life or anything of the sort. But I did finish it in a week – not reading a lot or fast but the book definitely has its points. It is many stories of people in different places trying to do the right thing, not being able to do so and well… go read it! Meanwhile I’ll try to find some time and an off line PC so I can write up the rest of my route which is now going up north of the south island of NZ. The Kepler track is done (amongst other things) and tomorrow I will be in the Franz Josef village, to beckon its famous glaciers.

PS: Right now I am reading “The Kingdom by the Sea” by Paul Theroux; an account of an American travelling all of UK’s coastline. Interesting as it brings by memories.

Ciao for now!


Written by csm2mk

February 6, 2009 at 7:21 AM

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