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Cape Town & South Coast in 20 days

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The big plan for South Africa was yet to come. I had dreamt of doing the south coast of South Africa, had seen photos of the Garden Route, the Sunshine Coast and Wild Coast and of course wanted to see Cape Town. Cape Town was the center of operations. We would go all the way to Coffee Bay and come back to Cape Town before flying to Jo’Burg to leave for Australia.

Now to do this there were two ways. The Baz Bus and renting a car. The second option was only made possible because of Noemi. She can drive, I can’t. It was also cheaper than the Baz Bus. So we chilled in Cape Town for two days were we stayed at the house of Leo (friend of Noemi’s). Really nice people that I would like to thank once more through here. We also coincide we the OBZ Festival in Cape Town, which gives us a very good taste of the nice atmosphere of the people of the town.

On the 8th of December we begin. The route until destination was: Cape Town – Mossel Bay (food) – Buffalo Bay (1 night) – Jeffrey’s Bay (food) – Grahamstown (1 night) – King William’s  Town (food and supplies) – Coffee Bay (5 nights)

Coffee Bay proved to be a real paradise with two backpackers’s really including the local community and spreading the word and hospitality. The local Xhosa people were also a very interesting find. The most important though was the nature and especially the beaches.

On the way back we did the following route: Coffee Bay – Chintsa West (1 night) – Hamburg (2 nights) – Buffalo Bay (3 nights). It was more relaxed as we knew we wanted to see better places that we passed by briefly on the way out.

Finally we return to Cape Town full of memories and pictures we’ll never forget. The South Coast is a real gem, presenting a more real face of what SA is (more than J’Burg anyways). I buy a small djembe from Patrick (Leo’s flatmate). It is later confiscated by the Australian customs but only for cleaning. I will have to take it back paying a fine of 60 AUD. Thinking positevely; I do not have to carry it to Byron Bay…

I am know in Australia – Byron Bay but before I post anything about this, I would like the next post to be a summary of some thoughts on Africa – I feel I have to do it as I owe this continent much gained experience and also for the good of my personal record of course 😉

Until the next one then.

Enjoy the holidays and Merry Christmas!!!


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December 25, 2008 at 3:31 PM

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