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Nairobi – The capital of Obamania

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I have reached Nairobi after a night’s stay in Zurich.

Needless to stay it costed me more money to stay one night in Zurich than all the nights in Nairobi so far… But I suppose that is why “we” are civilised and “they” are not…

In any case my first night in Nairobi was the night of the US Elections… Obama’s mother is from a village nearby and all Kenya is celebrating the victory. Hopes are high. A change is in the air. Pollution as well. Unemployent too… and pressure from various “travel agents” to try their safari tours too. I mean… what’s the point chasing animals being inside a car? I don’t get it. I would definitely go trekking though. Let’s see what happens.

After changing a couple of hotels I am now living in Milimani Backpackers. A VERY recomended place if you are ever near Nairobi. Friendly people and logical tour prices. Safe and clean as well. Patricia is a real sweetheart running it. I have been collecting vital information for the rest of the trip too!

The next days I will go and stay with a friend, met in the Couchsurfing website. Then by the 10th of this month I will be taking a bus to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Since the next time,

Best of wishes,


PS1: In the photography front, I am taking less photographs than I expected… but then again it is better to see than capture as they say. I will keep you posted when photos will be up.

PS2: I will try to post something more about Nairobi too. I just want to finish the trip first and… well… find a faster internet connection. Stay tuned!


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November 7, 2008 at 12:57 PM

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